Light and shadow
2012-11-15 | Views:18259
Black and white and color fine art digital photography by Amit Basu. Gallery contains: landscape, portrait, abstract, zen, nature, people, places, men, women, children, family etc. Whats likely missing are: business, glamor, fashion, action, sports, wedding photography. All/most photos use natural light, not artificial. These are not shot in studios, and are possibly not of stock photography quality. Equipment used: Camera body: Nikon d80. Lenses: Nikkor 50mm prime, 60mm micro/macro, 18-70mm wide angle, 55-200mm zoom, Sigma 10-20mm ultra wide angle. Post-processed (sometimes to black and white (b&w)) using Photoshop or Picasa (mostly). I love to shoot in either aperture priority or manual mode. Very few photos here use shutter priority. Most photos are shot hand-held. Tripod used rarely. This is an amateur photography site. Please do not expect professional photography quality work.